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Connect Your Products and Your Customers to Post-Sale Circular Tools and Information

Engage customers through scannable products, providing access to care, repair, reuse, and recycling information and services. Keep your products away from waste and compliant with regulations.

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Over 61% of customers are seeking a simple way to care for, repair or resell the items they own.

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unlock the potential of post-purchase

MĀDI turns post-sale into an opportunity for engagement.

Go beyond transactional relationships. MĀDI empowers you to form more meaningful connections to your customers through the products they purchase.

Your product’s provenance.
Comprehensive care instructions.
Repairs. Resell. Recycling.
All accessible with a tap.


“Thanks to MADI’s personalised digital ID, all the information and additional services is immediately accessible. This has enabled us to really connect with our customers and better understand their needs!”

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Le Makanerie entrusts MĀDI to highlight the craft of their products and help their customers extend the life of their purchases.

engagement throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Tell the story of your product.
Empower your customer to write its future.

MĀDI allows brands with proud value chains to communicate this to the customer before and after point of sale, increasing the perceived value of the product. MĀDI’s post-purchase experience enables customers to take the story further with repair, resell, and recycle options.

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Trace products through to end-of-life to comply with Extended Producer Responsibility.

digital id

Every product, like every customer, is unique. MĀDI’s digital ID makes it easy to treat both like individuals.

Digital IDs are like a unique serial code linked to individual products, allowing brands to follow the full lifecycle of their products. Consumers can scan a QR code related to that individual unit and access various options, from the story behind the product, repair access, care information, and more! This creates new possibilities for enhancing the customer experience.

from 100+ reviews
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Consumer Usage Insights

Understand how your customers use your products and after-use, to plan future collections and prioritise marketing initiatives.

Integrates with Your Product Systems

MĀDI integrates supports many Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems to ensure ease of use your product data.

Prepare for Digital Product Passport

Start integrating your garments with Digital Product Passports now, to prepare for the legislation required for all garments sold in the EU.

Product Authentication

Having unique IDs with product information allows you to safeguard and authenticate your products.

Connect Products to Circular Partners

Our digital IDs come fully connected to repair and recycling partners to avoid products going to waste.

Customer Post-Sale Channel

Engage with your customers after they've bought your products, providing them new experiences.

Integrated with

Textile to textile recycling and end-of-life valorisation

Premium garment repairs as a service

US based alterations and repairs made fast and easy

…and many more coming online
A worldwide network

Turn every product into an engaging customer touchpoint with MĀDI.

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